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Reduction Lino Cut
60cm x 40cm
Edition of 18

Price Unframed £150

Thrasher flemming!

Maras Daughter

Etching and Collograph
70cm x 46cm

Price Unframed £230

Mara was an Indian Elephant Goddess who sent her two beautiful daughters to tempt Krishna.

The Wave

30 x 50cm

Price Unframed £180

Watching Me Watching You

80 x 38cm

Price Unframed £180

I drew this seal directly on a piece of driftwood I found on the same beach as this seal was posing!

To See If I Was Looking Back At You

Woodcut and Etching
41cm x 60cm

Price Unframed £240

At low tide on The Island of Bardsey, 150 seals sit on their rock thrones 'bananering' (it aids their digestion) If I sing to them they pose for me!

Swimming In The Flow

38cm x 28cm

Price Unframed £160

Bardsey Seals swimming in the strong currents around the Island. I love snorkeling quietly near the seals.

The Stable

60cm x 50cm

Price Unframed £240

An Italien airport, built by the Germans- destroyed by the British (bullet holes) and now used by a Sardinian shepherd as a stable. I came across it in a wood and did lots of drawings.


10cm x 15cm
Edition of 150

Price Unframed £35

My dog Pearl gets really excited when you say 'cats'

Oh Dear

7cm x 13cm

Price Unframed £35

My dog Pearl, a rescue whippet of sorts, has chased a cat yet again!