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Rebel of Ravens

55cm x 73cm

Price Unframed £195

My woodcuts and etchings of ravens came about after a winter drawing trip to Angelsey. I was lucky enough to experience the ravens massing above and roosting in Newborough Forest. After walking for a mile along a deserted beach at dusk on a cold winters day, with Snowdon in the background, I saw a dark cloud of about 300 young ravens showing off to find their lifelong mates. They were wheeling and diving, flying upside down and doing amazing acrobatics, it was a magical, haunting experience.

This lead to me wanting to do more drawing at close quarters, so I contacted Derek Coyle, the Yeoman Raven Master at the Tower Of London. He was so helpful with his knowledge and stories about the exploits of these highly intelligent birds and allowed me free access, at any time, to draw amongst them.

It was like being an observer of a violent avian version of The Archers! It was an amazing and fascinating experience which I could record in my sketch books.

Bishop of LLanduf

Original watercolour & mixed media
75cm x 56cm


Autumn flowers in my garden.


No details

Out of Edition

Pica Pica

20cm x 24cm

Out of Edition

The Latin name for a magpie.

Spring Hare

Etching collagraph
64cm x 62cm

Out of Edition

Winner of The Aberystwyth Print Archives Collection Purchase Award at Originals London 2007

Pudmini The Gentle One

Wood Block
110cm x 90cm

Out of Edition

Winner of The RE award at Originals 2008

Thrasher Dreaming

90cm x 80cm

Out of Edition

I walked behind Thrasher with my sketch pad, he doozes off...

Thrasher Thrashing

Reduction Linocut
20cm x 18cm
Edition of 17

Out of Edition

Double Trouble


Out of Edition



Out of Edition

December Quarry

23cm x 28cm

Out of Edition

St Kevin's Hand

24cm x 32cm

Out of Edition

St Kevin was an Irish Saint who, while meditating, put his hand out of the window of his hut and a blackbird laid an egg in it! A blackbird abandoned this nest concealed in the wisteria on our fence.